Photography and I – Part 1

As a young girl at school I was always taking happy snaps of family, friends, animals and holidays but never took the interest further to learn the art of photography, to be honest I was not interested much at all in school or learning so many opportunities past me by.

In my late teens once out of school and out on my own I met an interesting man into photography and he introduced me to the world of Norman Parkinson, a leading fashion photographer of his time for Harper’s Bizarre and Vogue Magazine during the 30′s, 40′s, 50′s and 60′s and that is when I feel in love with Portrait and Fashion photography. My first poster print I owned was called “Age of Elegance” a beautiful photo taken by Norman Parkinson of his wife Wenda.

Photo Copyright Norman Parkinson

Photo Copyright Norman Parkinson

Although I found a love and passion the way life goes I never got around to finding out how to take more than happy snaps. I found life, love and got married and had a child and between work and home life passed by all too quick.
In 2009 my sister in law was struck with Cancer and that event changed my life and made me look at things differently, you can’t just let life go by without participation and it also made me more appreciate the unspoken still moment of life, that being a photograph.

In 2010 I found Bluedog Photography and booked my first photography course, a beginners, it was there I met some people who changed my life forever, I won’t actually mention the names but those close to me know who they are. I remember near the end of the day at that first course I was a mess, I couldn’t remember whether I needed a slow or fast shutter speed to blur the water and for a moment thought I guess I may have the passion but not the brains, however the Bluedog tutor came to me and talked me through that process again, she was so patient and said to me it was ok with so much information many people forget by this stage and smiled at me whilst I was almost in tears and pushed me through the process and we got the photo.

Photo Copyright Solo Images

Photo Copyright Solo Images

Well that was it I was hooked. Since that first course I have had many moments of frustration, tears and doubt but with the help and guidance the tutors at Bluedog Photography I keep pushing to strive for a better photo and to keep learning the wonderful art of Photography.

Join my on my next Blog when I will deal with more of my photography experiences so far.

Please feel free to leave me a comment perhaps about your photography experience.


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