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Who is Solo Images?

Kassy Soloman Nerang Photographer
Solo Images Photography was founded in 2010 by Kassy Solomon, a photographer whose love for the art first emerged in the 80s. It was the work of Norman Parkinson (a leading fashion photographer for magazines such as ‘Harper’s Bizarre’ and ‘Vogue’ from the 1960s to 1980s), that inspired young Kassy to pursue her dream of one day becoming a leading photographer in her own right. In the years that followed, that dream grew into a reality.

Today, Kassy is an accomplished photographer with several honourable mentions in international photography competitions.  Her body of work covers a wide spectrum of the industry from commercial photography through to fashion and portrait photography. Not just resting on her laurels, she is constantly training and learning new techniques so as to provide her clients with the most amazing photos possible.

Take the time to look through the galleries and you will see a photographer who is truly devoted to her art.

Solo Images Photo Gallery

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